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Impact Investing for a Stronger Westside

Investing in Our Community

Join the InvestWest Movement

What happens when a group of community-minded investors rally around the most economically-disadvantaged area of the city? It leads to positive and equitable change that heals decades of unjust policies and disinvestment. 

InvestWest is an initiative of Prosper West San Antonio to raise patient investment capital for community-centered economic development projects in the heart of the Westside - projects that create jobs and support small businesses, produce housing, abate crime and vacancy, and avoid the displacement of longtime residents and businesses as growth comes to the area.

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Small Business Support

Small businesses need space to thrive and commercial corridors that attract customers and help to retain employees. InvestWest supports the acquisition and rehabilitation of vacant commercial buildings and lots along major corridors of the Westside that can support a healthy and thriving small business ecosystem.  

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Affordable & Workforce Housing

Quality, affordable housing at every income level is critical to support diverse neighborhoods and retain our young population who can support small businesses and carry on the traditions of the Westside. InvestWest supports the acquisition of vacant buildings and lots that can be used to develop new rental units and homeownership opportunities. Mixed-use, including retail, office, and housing is pursued whenever possible. 


Preserving Future Affordability & Countering Displacement


"He who controls the dirt, controls the destiny". Without strategic investment in the Westside with the help of community-minded investors and partners, the Westside stands at the mercy of speculators and institutional investment firms who are profit- and not impact-driven. InvestWest will support efforts to bank property for long-term affordability and ensure the preservation of the Westside's unique culture, character, and identity.

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Who Can Invest?

Prosperity without displacement is possible, but it takes a village.


Almost every San Antonian has roots or some connection to the Westside. Even if you have long since moved away, InvestWest provides an opportunity to invest alongside us to make the Westside even better. 


With so many great corporations in San Antonio, there is no shortage of potential off-balance-sheet investments that can quickly turn the tide of disinvestment on the Westside. For our bank friends, all InvestWest project investments are CRA-eligible.


Foundations, family offices, and donors can help advance racial equity and close the wealth gap by investing through program-related investments or straight donations to underwrite projects.

Public Agencies

Our public partners are critical to the success of Texas' oldest Hispanic urban neighborhood. From contributing publicly-owned properties, providing project subsidies, as well as low-interest loans, our public partners help to close the gap to make projects work.

Current Projects

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About InvestWest

Prosper West San Antonio

InvestWest is an initiative of Prosper West San Antonio to organize private capital for community development projects. Prosper West is a community economic development organization for San Antonio's Westside, a predominantly Hispanic urban neighborhood and the birthplace of many Mexican-American civil rights movements. For more information about the Westside of San Antonio or Prosper West's mission, team, and our philosophy of prosperity without displacement, please visit our website at

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